Celebrating the Art of Quilting
  • Anna Harkins, More is More: Meet Mary Gasperik

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    Mary Gasperik was, with her use of newspaper patterns and kits, a typical Depression-era quilter.  But it was her knack for always doing more that makes her quilts special. Come meet this skilled and creative quilter to learn why she deserves a place in The Quilters Hall of Fame. Spoiler alert: although her quilts ARE fabulous, there’s more to Mary Gasperik than meets the eye.

    Anna is a quiltmaker and works with Collections at the Quilters Hall of Fame.  Her blog posts about Honorees and other quilt-related matters appear on The Quilters Hall of Fame website. As a student of quilt history, she has a special interest in the quilt “scene” of 1930s Chicago and has given presentations on that topic to the Northern Illinois Quilt Study Group, the Wisconsin Quilt Study Group, and the Midwest Fabric Study Group. 

    Friday July 16, 2021, 1:30pm - 2:30pm

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