Celebrating the Art of Quilting

Pink Ribbon Quilts: A Book Because of Breast Cancer by Mimi Dietrich


Mimi Dietrich is revered in the quilting world as a best-selling author and extraordinary applique artist. What many may not know about Mimi, however, is that she is also a survivor of breast cancer. Now, with five cancer-free years behind her, Mimi has combined her talent and her experience with breast cancer to create an inspiring book of quilt projects for those whose lives have been touched by this disease.

When you create a quilt to brighten a day in the life of a breast-cancer patient, survivor or caregiver, you join Mimi and thousands of other women in the enduring fight to find a cure. The book includes:

  • 11 step-by-step quilt projects- including a comfort pillow, small friendship quilts, and large raffle quilts- that use a pink ribbon theme or pink fabric
  • Mimi's personal story about how quilting helped in her recovery, plus her valuable advice on what you can do to show your concern and support for others
  • Special projects that quilters with breast cancer can make for their caregivers and friends

Mimi Dietrich of Baltimore, Maryland, has been sewing since she was a young teenager and quilting since 1975. The best-selling author of numerous books, she teaches quilting classes nationally. Mimi was inducted into The Quilters Hall of Fame in 2015.