Celebrating the Art of Quilting

The Great American Quilt Revival

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The Great American Quilt Revival is the story of how quilts came to be recognized as works of art and how the craft of quilting has exploded into popular culture. In 1971, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York hung a collection of traditional quilts on its gallery walls, forever changing the public's perception of quilts. This exhibit and a convergence of social and cultural forces ignited a worldwide awareness and enthusiasm for the design and creation of American quilts.

Notable quilter, Georgia Bonesteel, and many of today's well known quilters, historians and collectors discuss their art and their role in the revolution of modern quilting. From early quilting innovator Marie Webster, to the work and influence of the Amish and African-American traditions, to the overwhelming response of quilts mourning the 9/11 tragedies, The Great American Quilt Revival captures the story of this landmark movement.

Including interviews by Georgia Bonesteel with:

Jinny Beyer                                                    Yvonne Porcella

Jeff Gutcheon                                                Donna Wilder

Jean Ray Laury                                               Karey Bresenhan

Rosalind Webster Perry                                Jonathan Holstein

Hazel Carter                                                    Cuesta Benberry

Karen B. Alexander                                        Barbara Brackman